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Upcoming Outage

October 30, 2006

Site5 has some planned maintenance coming up in their data center. It will be a 15 minute outage some time during the overnight hours, October 30 through November 3. I’ll let you know if I get any more specific info.


Ridiculous Outage

October 4, 2006

This is ridiculous. has been down since around 5 a.m. today. Site5 is apparently working on restoring one of the disk drives, but it’s taking an awfully long time. For more info, check out the forum thread.


The side was down until 5 p.m. 12 hours of downtime. Yikes! But now is hosted on what is effectively a new server – a new chassis was installed with old disks last week, and this week they replaced the disks, so everything is new now. No excuses…