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Outage FYI

November 9, 2005

Just FYI, there may be a short outage tonight. Received this from Site5:

Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc. critical maintenance notification [Planned]:

Date: 11/10/2005
Start time: 03:00 GMT
Estimated end time: 08:00 GMT

Services/Equipment: All servers located in Cedar Knolls, NJ
Type of work: Configuration modification
Purpose of work: Kernel modification
Impact of work: Loss of connectivity for less than 5 minutes/machine

Due to a recent kernel release, Site5 will be upgrading all servers located in Cedar Knolls, NJ (MMU). All kernels have been installed at this point and we simply need to reboot each server for the new kernel to take hold.

Each server will be offline for less than 10 minutes while the server is rebooted & system checks are completed before the server comes back online. This is a standard procedure. No data or email will be lost during this maintenance.

A complete list of servers affected by this maintenance are listed in our community forums annoucement at

Should you have any questions or concerns related to the abovementioned maintenance, please feel free to contact us


Todd Mitchell
Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc.