Cancelled! Hooray!

Woohoo! (Even the request to cancel took them a while to respond to… sheesh.)

Peter Wood

Posted on 09 Jun 2005 02:20 PM

Could you please cancel my TekTonic VPS account and all associated packages.


Ryan M. Adzima

Posted on 10 Jun 2005 04:58 PM
This has been canceled.


2 Responses to “Cancelled! Hooray!”

  1. Gary Says:

    Hi Peter,

    Just a note from a stranger – I’ve also been having ridiculous problems with Site5. They’ve shut my website down 3 times in the last week, claiming (at first) that too many scripts were running, although there was no evidence of that, and no official way to measure what is considered “too many”. I’m currently waiting for them to turn on my site for the 3rd time. I’ve threantened them with a lawyer after the 2nd time they turned me off (always without any advance notice) and now the explanation has changed, and supposedly my site is compromised. And when they turn off my site, they also turn off the control panel and FTP access, so clients can’t even fix whatever problems supposedly exist.

    These guys are clowns, and have no understanding of good business practices. People should be warned to stay away from Site5.


  2. Peter Says:


    This post was in relation to my account with TekTonic, which I have since cancelled, and switched back to Site5. I have been with Site5 for many years now (except for a short stint with TekTonic), and I can say that I’ve had great experiences with them. I certainly don’t regard them as clowns.

    I hope that other folks don’t take Gary’s comment as representative of all Site5 customer experiences. I have had a few issues with Site5 in the past, all of which have been resolved quickly, and to my satisfaction. I would heartily recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good web host.

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