Back to normal

Looks like things are back to normal now. The response I received from Site5 support:

Hi Peter,
Sorry about that, I had to restart the apache daemon, everything should be working fine now.


Julian Villan
System Administrator
Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc.

No, his name’s Villan not Villain. Not sure what the real problem was, but I’m guessing there was some runaway Apache process that took over the server. In any case, it’s back to normal now.

Side note: Site5’s response time to my support request was 28 minutes… rather more than their typical estimate of 15 minutes or less. Apparently this has to do with their recent release of a new ‘my.Site5’ control panel, as well as the shuffling of personnel after a sysadmin resigned. Hopefully they’ll get back to their former speedy selves very soon.


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