Gimme 5!

I’ve just finished migrating from TekTonic to Site5. The only downside to this move is that I will lose any ability to have direct control over the machine that runs on – I can’t install a newer version of Apache or MySQL or Perl, nor can I tweak the server configuration. Other than that, there are tons of upsides:

* The server itself is more powerful, so should be much quicker now.
* Site5’s support is actually responsive, helpful, and friendly.
* Site5 will take care of all the server administration. I don’t have to worry about upgrading the OS, cleaning up logs, security threats, or running out of disk space.
* It’s cheaper – my TekTonic plan was $26/mo for 6 gigs of disk space, while Site5 is $21.95/mo for 12+ gigs of disk space.

I’m very happy about this move, and I hope all of the users will be, too. Please leave a comment if you have any questions!


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