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Cancelled! Hooray!

June 10, 2005

Woohoo! (Even the request to cancel took them a while to respond to… sheesh.)

Peter Wood

Posted on 09 Jun 2005 02:20 PM

Could you please cancel my TekTonic VPS account and all associated packages.


Ryan M. Adzima

Posted on 10 Jun 2005 04:58 PM
This has been canceled.


Back to normal

June 6, 2005

Looks like things are back to normal now. The response I received from Site5 support:

Hi Peter,
Sorry about that, I had to restart the apache daemon, everything should be working fine now.


Julian Villan
System Administrator
Site5 Internet Solutions, Inc.

No, his name’s Villan not Villain. Not sure what the real problem was, but I’m guessing there was some runaway Apache process that took over the server. In any case, it’s back to normal now.

Side note: Site5’s response time to my support request was 28 minutes… rather more than their typical estimate of 15 minutes or less. Apparently this has to do with their recent release of a new ‘my.Site5’ control panel, as well as the shuffling of personnel after a sysadmin resigned. Hopefully they’ll get back to their former speedy selves very soon.


June 6, 2005 has been unreachable via HTTP since approximately 2:24 p.m. EDT. All other services (SSH, POP3, etc) appear to be working. I have submitted a support ticket to Site5 to determine if this is a known issue, and see what can be done. Apologies to anyone who is unable to get to

Gimme 5!

June 4, 2005

I’ve just finished migrating from TekTonic to Site5. The only downside to this move is that I will lose any ability to have direct control over the machine that runs on – I can’t install a newer version of Apache or MySQL or Perl, nor can I tweak the server configuration. Other than that, there are tons of upsides:

* The server itself is more powerful, so should be much quicker now.
* Site5’s support is actually responsive, helpful, and friendly.
* Site5 will take care of all the server administration. I don’t have to worry about upgrading the OS, cleaning up logs, security threats, or running out of disk space.
* It’s cheaper – my TekTonic plan was $26/mo for 6 gigs of disk space, while Site5 is $21.95/mo for 12+ gigs of disk space.

I’m very happy about this move, and I hope all of the users will be, too. Please leave a comment if you have any questions!